Stadium Rant Handbook

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"Fearlessly Unapologetic Sports Fandom"

Our commitment is to provide a platform for fans, enthusiasts, and diehards to express their voices through written, audio, and video content. In doing this, we develop writers, podcasters, and broadcasters; providing them all with opportunities to advance either internally or externally.

Stadium Rant defines the ideal platform where sports, music, entertainment, and more collide, and our team members are provided the freedom to cover it their way.


  • Be the expert: Own your work. You know exactly who you are and what your fandom means to you. Be yourself and always place yourself as the expert on the topic you are covering.

  • Do whatever it takes: Understanding your role and ensuring that you uphold your duties are absolutes here. However, exceeding expectations and holding yourself to a higher standard than what’s expected will always reap benefits.

  • Be fearless: Our network prioritizes the ability to toe the line and find the most aggressive takes and rumors around the web. Being a part of Stadium Rant is not for the faint of heart or the average fan. Be aggressive and fearless in everything you do here and you'll be successful.


  • Be bold: Part of being the “expert” is believing in yourself and putting your genuine opinions, no matter how rash they may be, out there for debate. Take chances and always strive to provoke conversation.

  • Be creative: We work in the world of content. Two keys to success are speed and creativity. You may not be the first to a breaking news story, but you can absolutely win the creativity game. Selling your article and, especially, its title will make all the difference.

  • Be the best: At Stadium Rant, we are out to set a new standard for media coverage. What that means is that we are driven to do what others haven’t thought of or have tried and failed. As each of you push to be the experts in your work, so do we.


Now, to the most important part of this handbook - our code of conduct. We are incredibly proud and protective of the standards that our network lives by, so where we can live and correct content errors from time to time, repairing reputations are much more difficult.

Upon being granted access to publish content within our network, you are agreeing to uphold the code of conduct that we’ve established.

Two large factors stand above most with regard to our content production - working as a team and our branding. We are an ever-growing network and any excessive negativity can stunt where we are and where we want to go. Behavior internally or externally that aims to disrupt the direction of Stadium Rant is grounds for immediate removal.

Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Plagiarism (content theft) will result in immediate removal.

  • Use of images that are not approved by our image use standards. All images used must adhere to the guidelines expressed in our respective positional guides. 

  • Attacking readers, commenters, or internal staff in posts, comment sections, or on social media is prohibited.

  • Conflict of interest - posting articles submitted on Stadium Rant on other platforms is strictly prohibited. Additionally, taking topics and/or material created and intended for Stadium Rant use only will result in immediate removal.

  • Public criticism/negative comments about Stadium Rant and/or internal staff members. If you have an issue/concern or criticism, we ask that you notify SR management through the proper channels. Handling these situations internally will help us all grow.

  • Usage of profanity, without prior approval, of any kind on our sites or social media channels.

  • Obtaining or requesting media/press credentials without first gaining permission from senior leadership.

  • Breaking any other agreed-upon policies or procedures between you and management.

  • In the opinion of Stadium Rant, in any way acting in a manner that SR feels is detrimental to the company’s image, reputation, or direction or that of its partners.


Understanding our chain of command is vital to the function and success of Stadium Rant. Our masthead or leadership team may change from time to time, but the standard and expectations remain the same.


The front office is made up of executives, directors, and advisors for our business.


The driving force behind the success of our network, the content creators are responsible for the majority of written, audio, and video content that come across our network daily.


Internal Use Only


Editorial Guide 

Podcasting Guide

More on the way!

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